A Volunteer Driven Organization

The Great Nanaimo Toy Drive is completely dependent on the spirit of volunteers. From the Board of Directors to the women and men that distribute the toys we need the public’s help to make Christmas happen for families in Nanaimo.

If you or someone you know wants to help out the Great Nanaimo Toy Drive this year or any time in the future please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

Sorting and Setup

This job is performed in 3 hour shifts once the toys start to arrive in our distribution facility.  The toys have to be unpacked from boxes and bags and sorted into age categories. Each toy must be categorized to make sure the toys are placed on a table for that particular child group. Books and games are also placed on appropriate tables to ensure every child receives a book and every family receives a board game.

Board Members

These volunteers have organizational duties to perform throughout the year but most of the job is only in November and December. They also assist in many of the functions of the Toy Drive during the Christmas season to help with registration, setup, collection and distribution.

Sub-Committee Chairs

Committee chairs head up small segments of work that need more attention than the board members can provide alone. They are provided jobs and take direction and assistance from a board member. A great way to start your involvement with the Toy Drive. These jobs include: Toy Collection, Volunteer Management, Registration Setup, Special Events Coordinator, Shopping, Web administration, and many more.

Distribution Volunteers

The distribution volunteers are at the toy drive location in 4 hour shifts. They do a variety of functions including taking the parent or family guardian around the floor to help them with shopping for toys, games and books. They also restock the tables with stored toys as needed and do any last minute sorting of late delivery toys.

Registration Volunteers

These helpers use our computers to register families for The Great Nanaimo Toy Drive. The times and places are varied as they work in the Loaves and Fishes delivery sites as they are giving out food and they can also work in the stand alone office that the Toy Drive sets up for one week. They register the parent/family guardian and the children and then give a date and time for one of the parents to arrive to pick up their toys. This is the first step toward a successful toy drive and makes the distribution flow well.

Send us a Message if You Wish to Volunteer


    What would you like to volunteer for?

    Distribution Assist in 4 hour shifts during the distribution of gifts to families at the distribution site.

    Setup Assist in 4 hour shifts during the setup of the distribution site.

    Registration Assist in 1 to 4 hours shifts at various locations, Loaves and Fishes sites or at the Toy Drive Site to register the families with the Toy Drive using a computer.

    Board Member Work as a board member in one of the 8 positions. This includes 5 to 6 meetings a year and assistance to various others during November and December.

    Committee Chair Work as a committee chair to help in various functions of the Toy Drive throughout the year and possibly have someone helping you.

    Committee Helper Assist committee chair with year round activities such as purchasing toys, collecting toys, etc.