How to Register

Parents or guardians must visit a registration location and register their child/children with The Toy Drive in order to receive gifts.
In order to register we require care cards and proof of address. This is to make sure the family is within our area of coverage and that the children have not already been registered by another parent or guardian by mistake.
If care cards are lost then we will accept a printout from a doctor or pharmacy.

Loaves and Fishes Registration

For two weeks the Great Nanaimo Toy Drive staff will follow the Loaves and Fishes schedule and provide registration to anyone. You do not have to be a recipient of Loaves and Fishes to register for toys. Follow the link to get registration times and locations.

The Great Nanaimo Toy Drive Registration Office

The Toy Drive independent registration will be available for one week at the beginning of December. We will be located next to Buy Low, the old Quality Foods location, next to the big rock in the University Village Centre. Follow the link to get the Toy Drive Registration details.

Late Registration

Late registration for the Great Nanaimo Toy Drive will take place at the the former Wholesale Sports location, 4900 Wellington Rd., on the last day of distribution. Late Registration will be from 1 PM to 3 PM on Tuesday. Families will be given the next available distribution time. This time slot may be later the same day. DO NOT expect to register and receive you gifts immediately. Late Registration will stop at 3 PM so that those who have registered can be processed before the end of day. Follow the link to get the Late Registration Details.